Comedy Class Reviews and Testimonials


Over the years, Linda Smith has taught hundreds of students with Carolines. Many of our students have expressed their gratitude. Below is a sampling of our former students’ reviews of our comedy class.

Your touch, technique, manner, and support have provided us with one of the best mentoring/teaching experiences we could ever hope for.  I listened to all my class tapes last weekend and I guess you’re never supposed to see the seam in a good garment, you are a masterful artist and I cannot thank you enough.

– Joe Naughton

Saw the show yesterday and was blown away. Amanda did a great job and we were really impressed with her material, delivery and stage presence. Beyond that, she told us how the course has helped her see things differently, as she looks for material. The whole show was terrific. I know zero about comedy but I know that when that many students of any subject perform that well, major credit is due to the teacher. Thanks for a great job!

– Michael Shapiro

Man, what a rush. Hands down doing Linda’s class was a life highlight, and I’ll 100% be back for more. After a decade of thinking about doing standup, I finally did it. I’m from Philadelphia, and, yes, I commuted to NYC every Tuesday – and it was beyond worth it. Linda is the best coach, mentor, and cheerleader you can ask for. From night one, she sets the tone for a collaborative, supportive, honest experience. She doesn’t sweet talk you – nor do your classmates – because no one wants you to get up on stage at the graduation show and suck. Linda is a gem, a real gift to the world of comedy – and to me.

– Debbie Rech

After a lifetime of loving stand-up comedy and a few very tentative attempts at doing it myself, Linda Smith showed me how. Studying with Linda gave me the courage to get up on a comedy-club stage and the skills to prove that I belonged there. She is not just a fantastic comedian; she is also a fantastic teacher, with a knack for explaining the nuts and bolts of stand-up in a very practical way while at the same time communicating her love of the art form enthusiastically and infectiously.

– Peter Keepnews, staff editor, New York Times

I just finished Linda Smith’s stand up comedy class. Brilliant. She is masterful at the art of teaching stand up. The class is taught with honesty and a straightforward compassion that encourages even the most terrified neophyte. Without reservation I recommend this class regardless of your reasons for taking it.

– M. Currie

Before starting the class friends told me that performing a stand up routine would be one of the most difficult things I would ever do. Without the expert guidance and support from Linda that might have been true. She gave me the confidence to face an audience and the ability to even get a few laughs my first time. For that I will be forever grateful.

– B. Greene

A genuine sense of community was created in the class and I will have many fond memories of it. I can confidently speak for probably everyone when I say that Linda changed something in us for the better. Whatever that may be. She was like our sensei.

– A. Veronesi

Everyone always told me, “You should do stand-up,” but I could never have turned that corner without Linda Smith at Carolines School of Comedy. Kindly and with humor Linda told me exactly what I needed to hear and learn. She is so generous with her experiences, her laughter, and her energy. The highest compliment I can give is that I just completed my first class with Linda, and then I immediately re-enrolled to do it again!

– A. Vaughan

I wanted to say thank you so very much for giving me the support and encouragement to not only complete the class but to really stand up and be funny. You helped me achieve what I felt at times I would not be able to do. Once again thank you very much you are a wonderful teacher.

– B. Johnson

First of all, my friends and family were duly impressed with the professionalism and great quality of the whole show and I was also writing to say thank you for the mentoring, coaching and encouragement. I definitely wouldn’t have been up there yesterday without you, Linda.

– Matthew C.

Thanks for leading a great class. Truly impressed on how everyone got their sets together, and that was because of you. So many different talents to deal with, but you managed to understand everyone, and lead them in the right direction. Thank you for helping me get back out there. It felt great. Hope to see you again, and keep me in mind if you need me to open for Chris Rock, or Dane Cook when they are in town… I’ll even open for you. Thanks again for everything, you truly are an expert in the art of comedy.

– Jason D.

I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the confidence to pursue my dream. I just did a gig last Friday in a bar in my home town and actually got paid for doing a 30 minute set. The owner wants me back. Thank you for everything.

– Ricky K.

Thanks so much for everything. I love the class, you have really helped me make my jokes tighter and more efficient and I understand the art of standup more because of your advice and guidance.

– Cecelia L.

I’m really loving this class and you’re a great teacher.

– Robert D.